8 in 8 out signal distributor bcp-m1811p

8 independent input routes, 2 microphone input routes, each independent volume adjustment, arbitrary choice of 8 groups of output;

With 8 channels (area) any combination, paging;

Microphone 1 input with the highest priority, forced to cut into the priority function, when there is an emergency audio signal input more automatic cut into the priority function

2 channel emergency signal input with the second level of priority, no volume adjustment, automatic silent to -30db;

2U standard chassis design, aluminum alloy panel, beautiful and practical;


Technical parameters:

MIC sensitivity: -40db

AUX sensitivity: -12db

S Line out: 0 db

Frequency response: 20-20khz (less than or equal to 3dB);

B signal to noise ratio: greater than or equal to 75dB;

Harmonic distortion: less than 1%;

S working temperature: 5 - 45 ;

Working humidity: 20-80% relative humidity, no condensation;

Power consumption: 40W

Power supply voltage range: AC220V