RFID technology helps create an open access control system


Rfid technology has been used in many industries in China.Industries and logistics, for example, include asset tracking and logistics, waste management, animal authentication, retail and manufacturing, and health care.All tags store read-write functionality on the device so that the stored data of the tags can be updated or read in a timely manner, ultimately improving business performance through tracking or quality control.So, what is the application of RFID technology in access control system?

As the name implies, access control system is a system that controls the entrance and exit channels. It is developed on the basis of traditional door locks.The entrance and exit access control security management system is a new modern security management system, it sets the microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern security management measures as a whole, it involves electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology and many other new technologies.It is an effective measure to solve the security management of the entrance and exit of important departments.


The traditional mechanical door lock is just a simple mechanical device, no matter how reasonable the structure design, how strong the material, people can always open it by various means.In the access to a lot of people (such as the office building, hotel rooms) key management is very troublesome, the key lost or personnel to replace the lock and key together.In order to solve these problems, in the electronic card lock, electronic trick lock, the appearance of these two locks from a certain extent, improve the management level of inward and outward channels, the channel management in the electronic age, but with the continuous application of these two kinds of electronic lock, they gradually exposed the defect of itself, the problem of magnetic card lock information is easy to copy, wear between card and card reader with a big, high failure rate, low safety factor.The problem of password lock is that the password is easy to leak, and there is no way to check up, the security factor is very low.At the same time, most of the products in this period were installed outside the door together with the card reading part (password input) and the control part, so it was easy for people to open the lock outside.This period of access control system is still in the early immature stage, so the access control system at that time is usually called electronic lock, the application is not widely.

As induction card technology in recent years, the development of biological recognition technology, entrance guard system get the leap type development, entered the mature period, the induction card entrance guard system, fingerprint entrance guard system, iris, entrance guard system, face recognition entrance guard system, out-of-order keyboard entrance guard system and technology system in safety, convenience, manageability, etc, all have their own special features, application fields of entrance guard system is becoming more and more widely.RFID technology based access control system is more common.

Radio frequency identification (RFID, that is, technology is the specific application and development of automatic identification technology in radio technology, its basic principle is to use radio frequency mode for non-contact two-way communication, in order to achieve the purpose of identification and data exchange. Therefore, it can achieve multi-target identification, moving target identification and remote real-time monitoring and management.




RFID access control system has already exceeded the traditional sense of the door and key management functions.The safety requirements of modern work environment, department administration, daily attendance management, company food and beverage consumption, etc., are all closely related to the access control system.Such as apartments, residential areas, factory patrol, company r & d technology departments, medical units do not disturb the area, financial and financial departments, are the best place to apply RFID access control system.RFID access control system is installed in the public exit and entry channels of some office places, residential apartments, etc., which can effectively prevent unauthorized personnel from entering and protect the security of these places to the greatest extent.If there is an accident at a certain period of time, all video data and outgoing and incoming data and other information of the monitoring terminal at that period of time can be inquired afterwards, so as to provide existing evidence.


In addition, at the entrance of large conferences and the passageway of important activity places, an open access control system will be installed. When participants or other passageway personnel pass through, the system will automatically sense the RFID electronic tag invitation card or id card held by personnel and other certificates to confirm the identity of the access personnel.Legitimate users pass through normally, and the identification information of the personnel and the photos captured on the scene are displayed on the screen in real time at the same time. The security personnel on duty can make comparison and confirmation.When people without relevant identification documents or people with illegal documents pass through, the system equipment will prompt the alarm, and the security personnel can timely prevent them from entering.For sports venues, concerts and other recreational facilities, RFID system can provide a series of access control functions for ticket management.This can reduce the loss caused by ticket forgery.Tickets can be used with RFID technology simple CARDS by bar code printer to produce, but also can be made into RFID CARDS membership CARDS, monthly CARDS or annual CARDS;And tickets need not take out, just put on the body can read, to achieve open access control management.


RFID open access control system not only has all the functional characteristics of traditional common access control system, but also has the characteristics of open multiple people passing through quickly, while recording each person's personal information.When the personnel wearing the rfid id card passes through the gate, the information in the id card is automatically collected by the system without manual intervention, which makes the access control management more convenient.The service life of electronic tag card is long, it can read and write more than 100,000 times repeatedly, and the service life is more than 10 years.


In practical application, to achieve a safer use effect, the application of the open access system often contains an open integrated applications with the open access system, including open entrance guard system is mainly composed of RFID tag antenna, read part, video access nuclepore validation, PC software control four parts and remote control software based on LAN/WAN.


In the vehicle entrance and exit control, the access control system applies rfid technology, which can realize the effective electronic label of the car does not stop, convenient passage and save time, improve the efficiency of the intersection;More important is to be able to carry on the real-time monitoring to the village or the parking lot vehicle access, verifies the person vehicle and the owner identity accurately, maintains the regional public security, makes the village or the parking lot security management more humanized, the informationization, the intellectualization, the high efficiency.It will also be part of an intelligent parking management system.

There are problems and solutions

Today, the vast majority of access control systems (including garage access control and building access control) are still managed using high-frequency radio frequency CARDS.At present, the garage access control system and building access control system have the following problems in the use process.The theoretical recognition range of hf rf card is only 2.5cm~10cm(the distance between rf card and card reader).Affected by the environment, the actual recognition distance is shorter than the theoretical recognition distance.


For garage entrance guard system, parking brake ballot boxes set for drivers driving position are main bridge location and parking brake is fairly close to the position of ballot boxes so that the credit card, thus increasing the driver's driving difficult, especially the parking brake ballot boxes set on one side is flat, side slope of the garage entrance.Some drivers simply swipe their CARDS, put up the parking brake lever, and then go to the garage to start the car and drive away from the garage.In addition, parking lane brake ticket box is generally set at the entrance to the garage, close to the open air environment, the waterproof and moistureproof performance of thunderstorm weather is poor, thus increasing the incidence of electrical components in the ticket box fault, resulting in parking lane brake can not normally rise and fall.


For the building access control system, the distance between the radio frequency card and the card reader also needs to be quite close to make the access control open, especially when the personnel enter the building from the outside in thunderstorm weather, which extends the time for the personnel to wait for passing through the building access control.


Aiming at some problems existing in the current entrance guard system, we draw lessons from highway based on the technology of RFID electronic parking charge system not mature application experience, will the ETC technology is applied to the current in the entrance guard system (use of ETC system without a stop function module, cancel the ETC charging function modules of the system), to improve the level of the intelligent and highly efficient of the entrance guard system, put forward the following solutions.


Stop using the currently used high-frequency rf card in the garage access control system (working frequency range: 13.56mhz, identification distance range: 2.5cm~10cm), and enable microwave rf card (working frequency range: 5.8ghz, identification distance range: 10m~30m).Three sets of antennas of the microwave reader are installed in the shape of "product" on the top and both sides of the garage entrance wall to fully collect the relevant information of the microwave radio frequency card of the vehicle.


Cancel the charging function module in ETC system and add video image recognition and voice alarm module.Automatic vehicle identification (including radio frequency identification (rfid) and license plate image recognition) system in ETC system automatically recognizes the vehicle when it passes through a pre-embedded ground sensor coil.If the vehicle is identified as a registered vehicle in the garage, the parking brake lever will be automatically raised and released;If the vehicle is identified as unregistered vehicles in the garage, the center management system will timely alarm and record the log, and remind the security personnel to deal with it in time.