Bokvi - many products have passed three tests


Recently, many products of our company have been sent to three places for inspection (including 4 landmark products), all of which have passed the inspection!

List of products submitted for inspection:

Bcn-vb8452-ar54 million infrared automatic zoom network gun camera,

Bcn-vb8452-r54 million infrared zoom network gun camera,

Bcn-vd82e03-mr22 million small 20-meter infrared network hemispherical camera,

Bcn-vd8452-ar34 million 30 meter infrared automatic zoom network semi-spherical camera,

Bcn-vd8452-vr3 4 million 30m infrared zoom network hemispherical camera,

Bcn-vp83pa-rf 3 million infrared network high-speed ball machine,

List of landmark products:

Bcn-nvr7016pii network hard disk video recorder,

Bcn-vb81pii 720P gun camera,

Bcn-vb82pii 1080P gun camera,

Bcn-vd81pii 720P hemispherical camera.