Security IT brings not only big data, cloud technology but a




Make an inventory of the hot words in the IT field in recent years: big data, cloud computing, virtualization, cloud storage, cloud services, etc., which have been applied to the product promotion, solutions and system planning of almost all information technology fields.With the development of Internet and Internet of things technology, traditional industries such as home furnishing, security and business have been combined to form a new mode of "big data -- access -- terminal".At the same time, IT, Internet of things, home appliances and other industry manufacturers cross the border into the security industry, and compete with traditional security enterprises.


With the rapid development of smart cities and intelligent transportation and the rapid surge of mobile Internet devices, the security industry has produced a large amount of unstructured video and audio data, which has led to the storage, management, analysis and other applications of big data.Set for cloud era, the industry tongren, have a boiling passion, whether IT vendors, storage vendor, or solution providers are not to be outdone, spring are put forward based on the computation, storage, network and so on multi-level virtualized data center solutions, invest a lot of resources, cloud storage, cloud computing and other system products.


Security IT era has come


Since 2003, with China telecom to "integrated information service provider" to speed up the transition, and China telecom to network video monitor market outlook, the global eye business status in numerous business of China telecom, a rapid ascension, investment scale according to the geometric series to increase year by year, make a batch of large such as zte, huawei, Shanghai bell communications products provider quickly intervened to make video monitoring of the security business, IT also greatly accelerate the speed, connectivity is faced with more and more powerful competition.


Video monitoring business, IT through about LiangDuo years "to the point and face" radiation, anti-theft alarm, intelligent transportation, intelligent building products, information security products security related business areas rapid rise, expansion, based on the security of IP networking mode constantly excavate and security with the market demand, security vendors continued to explore research and development, the more business opportunities are discovered.


Under the impact of the wave of information technology, people have entered the era of Internet and cloud computing. The whole security industry has gradually shifted from product sales and platform construction to system operation and data analysis. IT has become an inevitable trend in the security industry.From single product to system integration, from simulation monitoring to network monitoring, from closed system to big data and cloud platform, security industry is no longer a simple video transmission, but an IT system solution involving data collection, communication, processing and feedback.At the product level, the storage, transmission and server technologies of the monitoring system platform are more dependent on IT technology.Intelligent analysis based on big data processing in the future also needs the support of IT technology.


Big data security business value highlights


Based on the gradual popularization of security networking, security system in the construction and application level is expanding, security "IT" has become a trend.For security enterprises, IT is necessary to extend the industrial chain, to the upstream cloud storage and cloud computing, and to the downstream terminal products, and to build a complete industrial chain based on video monitoring platform, so as to meet the challenges and opportunities brought by IT security.With the advent of 4G network era, video monitoring can be transmitted without obstacles through mobile terminals, laying a foundation for the development of the civil market.Big data analysis opens the intelligent monitoring and security operation market, and face recognition, data analysis and other functions gradually become the focus of users' attention.Under the new technical conditions, the security industry will be born a new business model.


Now, the development of big data is in full swing, the application of big data is also gradually deepening, the impact on the security industry is also huge, big data is rooted in the security industry, blooming the glory of value.


Big data video architecture is a revolutionary technology, especially in the real-time intelligent analysis and data mining, video monitoring from manual sampling, progress to efficient early warning, post-analysis, intelligent information analysis and prediction, video monitoring business brings profound changes.Implementation is based on large data video monitoring services in the cloud, let the camera only through the Internet to connect the cloud of video monitor hosting services, through the analysis of fast, intelligent deployment in the cloud, big data for small businesses, retail stores, restaurants, hotels and so on to provide real-time monitoring video and potential risk management, and even can provide the charge based on the analysis of the video content, such as the daily customer number, the average queue length, etc., to create a new business model.


Cloud technology is getting wider and wider in security


In recent years, cloud computing has become a convergence of almost all the hot technologies of today.Cloud technology's application in the security industry is more heat, dance with big data in the field of security, and with the further development of wisdom city construction, cloud technology in the application of the security industry is a step by step, huge amounts of data storage and sharing of information security monitoring needs to refer to the the platform of the cloud, the cloud is with the advantages of its own position in the field of security increasingly prominent.


Although there have been some different views on the relationship between big data and cloud computing in the IT industry, in general, the majority of people believe that the two are complementary.Big data is closer to the competitiveness of the core business of enterprises. Cloud computing is a mode that provides value. It is not only a business model but also a technical model, which enables enterprises to build infrastructure more efficiently and make more flexible application infrastructure, including big data and other applications, work better.


The concept of cloud was first born in the Internet industry. In recent years, with its own development and cross-industry application, the concept of cloud has been expanded, and cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud security, cloud planning and so on have also appeared.The embodiment of cloud security in the security field is cloud storage, cloud monitoring and cloud sharing. These concepts of cloud security are fundamentally the application of combining cloud technology and security monitoring system based on the mode of Internet of things.The specific security field is video monitoring, access control, mobile phone Internet burglar alarm, GPS positioning and other technologies combined to work together, through intelligent identification, positioning tracking alarm and information communication security protection to achieve visual intelligent monitoring management.


In terms of technology, security is becoming more IT oriented. Cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet will profoundly change the security industry.Current cloud storage in wisdom city construction has not been applied widely, but the data were gathered, and not to a lot of analysis of data, the problem of these details, it remains to be solved, for personal privacy issues need to build a private cloud, for the entire peace city needs a total of cloud data sharing problem.The application of cloud storage technology in the field of security and prevention still has the problems of large amount of data and insufficient network bandwidth, so the application of cloud technology in the field of security and prevention still needs further development and technical innovation.