Smart community solutions


Smart community architecture

Community subsystem IP integration

Unified property service center

Information dissemination system

Intelligent video monitoring

7X24 hours uninterrupted, all-weather monitoring

Deep use of intelligent analysis, to save the number of patrol security, reduce labor costs

Docking with the property management system, the abnormal events detected are automatically sent to the security personnel


Home security - visual intercom

Replace traditional building intercom with intelligent terminal

The owner realizes real-time intercom and door opening through various intelligent terminals to break through the limitations of traditional access control system

Entrance guard booth and the owner of direct video communication, without the property control center transfer, improve user experience

In case of emergency, the family can call the property customer service center through the visual system or emergency assistance system.

Home security - remote monitoring

Traditional security equipment resources are open to owners, who can know about children, cars and surrounding conditions anytime and anywhere.

Extend the value of security equipment, improve the owner's sense of safety.

Remote video monitoring via phone/laptop, no location restrictions


Set up free VOIP system in the community, video call between neighbors.

Video chat can be realized between households through various smart terminals such as mobile phone/TV /PAD

Neighbors communicate more closely, smoothly and harmoniously.

Smart home

Smart home system provides a safe, comfortable and high-grade living environment, which can help users reduce energy consumption;

Smart home will enable people to face the risks that can be known to be minimized.

According to the actual needs of users for intelligent home design

Community health management services

In the community courtyard, "self-help health cabin", "remote diagnosis and treatment area" and old experts are set up for regular consultation, so that residents can check their own health status without leaving the house, and at the same time, they can connect to the third grade a hospital for video treatment by themselves.


Community home pension service

China's population aged 60 and over has exceeded 1.4.9 billion, accounting for more than 11% of the total population, statistics show that 85 percent of urban elderly people in China are able to take care of themselves.4 percent, 9 percent of them were self-managed.6%.Those who are completely unable to take care of themselves account for 5%.

Based on the basic national conditions, in the "twelfth five-year" period, basic to establish on the basis of mang old that occupy the home, social service as the backing, institution endowment as supplement, funding and provide matching services, free of charge, DiChang and paid services, the combination of government leading, departments, coordination, social participation, public assistance, social endowment service system with Chinese characteristics, the elderly abetted by life

For the elderly to provide professional, standardized long-term home care services.Life care, meal delivery service, bath service, purchasing service, psychological comfort, cleaning service, washing service, walking service, medical service, conventional physical therapy nursing, rehabilitation treatment, rehabilitation guidance for common chronic diseases.

Sensors are used to detect the physical health status and movement status of the elderly, so as to provide daily health guidance for accurate services and emergency relief


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