IP network fire collector bcp-v8015e

Standard with 2 10/100mrj45 network switch interface, support LAN and wan

Support 32 fire alarm signal access, access mode can be set as short circuit, 12V-24V signal

The system can support multiple IP network fire collector access at the same time, users can expand according to their needs

The system is equipped with adjacent floor, whole area and custom alarm mode design, and automatically sends alarm information to the server to perform fire fighting voice broadcast

The panel is provided with a 32-channel level indicator light to display the working status

The alarm sound file preexists in the server, no external alarm sound source is needed

2U standard chassis design, aluminum alloy panel, beautiful and practical;

Technical parameters:

Network interface: 2 sets of RJ45

Transmission rate: 100Mbps/10Mbps

Support protocols: TCP/IP,UDP,IGMP(multicast)

Li audio format: MP3

Number of input channels: 32;Road,

Short circuit input: 0V, 12V, 24V.

S working temperature: - 5 ~ 60

Working humidity: 20% ~ 80% relative humidity

Dimension: 485x405x88mm