Information Publishing System of Bokovi-Shanghai Fengxian Ga



With the development of new multimedia technology, multimedia information publishing can be seen everywhere in daily life. In view of different environments, such as enterprises, factories, supermarkets, shopping malls, stations, banks, outdoors and so on, different multimedia publishing systems have been designed, and they have played an important role in the field of accurate information publishing and marketing. The full-color LED display advertising screen also takes this opportunity to popularize the public. All over the world, it has become the king of a new generation of media advertising platform.
Project overview
Shanghai Fengxian Gas Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd. information release system project, all using "BOCHEV Bokovi" full-color LED display, advertising screen, conference room access screen. "BOCHEV Bokovi" full-color LED features rich color: clear picture, uniform color, high brightness, using high density and high brightness LED to ensure the overall display effect; using non-linear correction technology, the image is clearer and more layered; good reliability: advertising screen features: real-time promotion of corporate culture, letter Information, high color resolution, clear image, convenient content adjustment; conference room channel screen features: at any time reflect the use of conference rooms, conference room information, etc.
Project management objective
In this project, our company has established a strong special team, organized a first-class quality construction team, adopted advanced construction management methods and construction technology: the implementation of contract-oriented project construction, the full implementation of the project contract, take effective and reliable quality assurance measures to ensure that the project meets the qualified standards in the project. In the process of construction, our company's project management objectives have always been based on the purpose of one requirement and three objectives.
Quality Requirements: One-time acceptance is qualified, through the acceptance of the builder and the supervisor.
Quality objectives: To meet the requirements of building weak current system and LED industry standards, and to meet the current national eligible standards.
Duration target: To ensure that the total construction period of the system engineering is completed in advance with the progress of the main project and formally delivered to the construction unit for use.
Project Characteristics, Key Points and Difficulties
The project quality requirements are high: the construction technology of the project is to stabilize the quality. The project is equipped with a large number of weak current equipment, and the installation quality should meet the national standards and specifications. Therefore, in terms of project management and construction quality, we require the construction team to have high standards and strict requirements.
Multi-function: The structure of the project is complex, the line is complex, the construction coordination is difficult, and the irreversibility of the project construction, the whole system must be unified planning, step-by-step implementation. Strictly follow the design plan and the design of the construction drawings in a structured way according to the primary and secondary steps of construction.
System implementation time limit is tight: According to the normal law of Engineering construction, this project should be a large weak current project, not only to closely cooperate with the construction progress of other types of work, but also after the completion of other projects, the managers of the system must be trained for a period of time and handed over and other services, so the project implementation time limit is tight. The construction experience of the project implementation units has put forward higher requirements.
Highly practical requirements: the project is closely related to the daily work and safety of users, and the system function settings and location layout should fully take into account the specific needs of users.
Post-maintenance capability is the key to ensure the normal operation of the system. We must pay attention to the maintenance capability and conditions of current affairs units and the allocation of project management organizations.
Shanghai Fengxian Gas Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd. information release full-color LED display, advertising screen, conference room channel screen system project all adopt the "Bokovi BOCHEV" brand, at present, the project has passed the acceptance, in the process of application has been unanimously praised by the company leadership.